Shuttlebus Hardanger
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Try the most beautiful and exciting walking routes in Hardanger. We drive.

In our minibus /taxi we bring you safe and comfortably from Kinsarvik or from Lofthus to Røte/Dronningstien at an affordable price.



Ski bus to Røldal ski centre, Håradalen

The bus runs every Saturday from 31.12.22 until 09.04.22.
In addition, it will run every day during the winter holiday week (week 8) and Easter week (week 14).
All travelers must book in advance no later than 20.00 the night before.

The bus leaves from Kinsarvik ferry quay at 07.45. On the booking page, there are various stops up to Røldal, where the bus is at around 9.40am.

Do you want other stops than what is listed (between Kinsarvik and Røldal)?
You can call tel. 48 25 65 67 and arrange it.

The price you pay applies round trip.

Important notice:
If the weather is bad and the ski center is closed or if there are no advance bookings, the bus will not run.
Check Røldal Skisenter´s website if you are in doubt whether the resort is open or closed (updates every morning at 7 am).

Bought tickets will not be refunded, but can be moved to another day.
Call 48 25 65 67 regarding this matter

Tickets and dates for the skibus
Transport til Dronningstien


Lofthus & Kinsarvik to Dronningstien

H.M. Queen Sonja’s panoramic tour

The booking period opens around May 1st.
Driving will not be organized until the path is free of snow.
For transport information, please contact us by email or phone.

In the period 21 May to 15 October, we drive daily between Lofthus and Kinsarvik to the starting point on Dronningstien (Røte). In July and August, we run several departures daily. (see booking page)

The transport to Dronningstien must be booked in advance.
Return transport after the end of the trip does not need to be booked in advance.

Dog on the bus: It is allowed to bring a limited number of dogs per trip. (the safest thing is to call when you have a dog with you and check if there are available places for a dog)

At Lofthus we drive from the following:
• Parking spaces at Ullensvang Church
• Lofthus center (by Bunnpris, the marina)
• Hotel Ullensvang.
• Lofthus Camping.

The driving time from Lofthus to Røte is about 15-25 min.

In Kinsarvik we drive from:
• Esso station. (good parking opportunities)

Booking a trip from Kinsarvik, the return from Lofthus is included in the price after the trip.

Return after the end of the trip from Lofthus to Røte / Kinsarvik we drive from Lofthus Sideri (Eidnes) and from Ekspedisjonen skjenkestove (v / riksveien)

Return transport after the end of the trip from kl. 14 to kl. 19.00 (the buses run about every half hour depending on how much traffic is)

Most people choose to walk from Røte to Lofthus. (Approx. 5-6 hour trip)

If one chooses to go from Lofthus to Røte there is also the possibility of transport back to the starting point. Call phone number: 48 25 65 67 when you have crossed the path itself (to Heng) and have started the descent towards Røte (which takes about 45 min.) You then make an appointment regarding your pickup.

Want a transport beyond set times or to other places such as Husedalen, Oksen or Trolltunga? Get in touch for a more detailed agreement

Call 48256567


Would you like to order group tour with Shuttlebus Hardanger to Dronningstien, Skjeggedal/Troll’s Tongue or another destination?
Our group price for 8 people to Skjeggedal/Troll’s Tongue is NOK 2.500 each direction.
Send e-mail or call us on tel 482 56 567